Because what you say about us is what really matters.

My name is XXX, I am a dietitian with a passion for child nutrition and healthy eating. My son attends XXX, he has been there 1.5 years and the centre has been using KGF since opening. Safe to say we have had no issues with meals and my son absolutely loves and eats everything he is offered. Congratulations on a fabulous product and service that you are providing.

90 place centre, Sydney North Shore

(Short Term – Cook Relief) I wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for your services over the last fortnight and that we were very  pleased with the food and service over the period.

It really was a great experience and one we would recommend  to any of our centres.

Karen, Centre Manager, Vic

Since the first day we started with KGF, I was impressed. The Centre Staff were a bit worried about the change over, however when they saw the quality of the food, tasted the quality of the food and saw how the children were giving it a go or eating every morsel up…every bit of doubt was gone.

Huge Thanks to KGF for being so organised and for being such lovely people to work with on a daily basis.

Ria, Centre Director, QLD

After trying different children catering services, the staff and children at Leaps & Bounds could not believe the quality and freshness of the food KGF provide for the children at our service. Not only are the children asking for more each day, the parents and guardians are wanting to know the recipes so they can copy the recipe and cook at home. The fresh fruit that is coming each week is just amazing. The children are loving the new power bars and the new mini pizzettas.

A huge thank you to the staff and chefs at Kids Gourmet Food for putting a smile on our children’s face each day.

Racquel, Centre Director 35 place centre

My son Billy attends XXXXX and they’ve introduced Kids Gourmet Food at the centre this year. So far Billy has really loved the food, excited to tell me what he ate each day and I’ve found out that he’s has at least two to three serves of the meals each time.

So firstly well done and thank you. True to your intention he’s trying new things and increasing his variety, which is awesome. He’s also introducing that curiosity at home, encouraging his big brother to try new things too.

Ashley, Terrigal, NSW – Parent

We are extremely happy with both the product and the service and Kids Gourmet Food’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our families are always impressed with the variety of food provided in the 6 week rotational menu and often comment that their children eat better than they do.  Busy families appreciate the convenience of not having to prepare meals to send with the children and on a centre level it eliminates any necessity to “police” contents of lunch boxes which would not meet our Centre Policies.

We have quite a few children with special dietary needs and these meals are supplied in separate containers which are clearly labelled with the child’s name and ingredients of the meal making it easy for staff to identify.  Food is easy to heat and serve and there is a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables provided daily for both morning and afternoon tea as well as another tasty item.   Our children really enjoy the food and often have more than one serving, especially when it is their favourites on the menu.

Susan, Brisbane 80 place centre.

We have been using KGF for over twelve months and have found it a great service with a healthy fresh and inventive menu with exceptional customer service. The diversity of meals that both children and staff enjoy is impressive. Ray and Claire have been wonderful to work with who are always happy to listen to our input and implement them.  Daniel our delivery man is very diligent and comes at the same time everyday who arrives with a smile. The professionalism shown from all members of KGF is to be commended as the standards from all levels of the business has been exceptional.

We get a generous amount of mixed fresh fruit along with added variety servings of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea which easily feed the 134 children in care daily. The six-week rotational menu offers plenty to keep things exciting. I encourage my staff to be good role models at meal times and they too love the options on the menu.

As a director and a busy mum to 3 children under 6 years old, I appreciate knowing that if my 3-year-old requests peanut butter on toast one night for dinner I know she has at least received a balanced diet whilst in care. I also have the privilege that I get to see her eat things she normally wouldn’t eat or get to try at home.

Hayley, Brisbane 134 place centre.