Why choose KGF to provide your childcare catering?

Here are just a few of the reasons why early learning centres trust KGF to cater for the children in their care:


Save time planning and preparing a varied and balanced menu for the children in your care

– Let us deliver freshly cooked, homestyle meals to your early learning centre every day


Enjoy the peace of mind that any children with food intolerances are being appropriately and safely catered for

– Our chefs are professionally trained to produce creative and delicious meals in separate preparation areas to suit children with allergies or cultural preferences


No need to worry about the constantly changing children’s nutrition guidelines and kitchen regulations

– We are always on top of the latest advice about the most balanced diet for children, and our internationally recognised HACCP certified food production kitchen is equipped to cater for all your meal requirements


Reduce the need for additional staff training and let your staff focus on what they love doing

– Your staff are busy looking after the children in their care. Training them to plan and prepare meals takes time, and on days when you’re short-staffed, it’s an additional pressure that takes them away from their core role. Let KGF help – you can even sign up for a trial today


The KGF ordering process is simple

– Place your order online for the number of meals you require, including any special meals, and we invoice you at the end of the week. There are no long-term contracts, and if you have more than one centre site, we ensure your menus are consistent in terms of variety and quantity