Catering for all children’s requirements

If, like most childcare settings, your centre looks after children with food intolerances, allergies or cultural preferences, we know that your top priority is to ensure they can eat safely.

We place the utmost importance on accommodating any special requirements.
We are acutely aware of the importance of providing a safe and enjoyable eating experience for all children, and the requirement to avoid cross contamination. Our specialised team of trained chefs tailor-make meals for children with specific food requirements, and will provide you with a comprehensive list of ingredients for each meal. For additional reassurance, we do not use nuts or eggs in our entire food preparation area.

We also provide separate menus for children with vegetarian or other cultural preferences.

In all cases, we ensure as far as possible that no children have to compromise on a positive and sociable eating experience.

To order special meals for a child in your care, simply complete the Allergy profile form when placing your weekly order.

Healthy and safe catering

We are sticklers for maintaining and encouraging outstanding food hygiene practices. No compromises.

Government guidelines exist to protect consumers and ensure that food is safe to eat. Our food practices and rigorous due diligence offer the highest possible level of food safety and quality assurance.

We comply with the FSANZ Australian Food Standards Code and our HACCP certified kitchen facilities regularly undergo rigorous health and hygiene inspections by state regulatory bodies. We are also guided by Australian Food Microbiology, who consult and advise on correct food handling techniques.