Expose children to world of flavours, textures and nutritious meals every day!

Healthy and varied menus

When you sign up with KGF, your centre’s menu will rotate every six weeks. This exposes children to the broadest range of flavours, textures and ingredients, while ensuring they are receiving the recommended nutritional intake every day.

We follow advice from the following best practice documents, and our menus are designed to exceed the national dietary guidelines for children while in care.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines
The Infant Feeding Guidelines (PDF)
Get Up And Grow, Healthy Eating And Physical Activity For Early Childhood

We also reference the Healthy Eating Pyramid, provided by Nutrition Australia, which visually explains the food types and proportions that provide a balanced diet.

Freshness guaranteed

Our meals are supplemented by a large selection of fresh fruit and raw vegetable crudités to serve with morning and afternoon tea, as well as fresh, steamed vegetables for lunch.

All our meals are freshly prepared with high-quality, seasonal ingredients, then cooked and snap-chilled using superior blast chilling technology.

The next morning, our drivers deliver your meals in refrigerated vans to your centre along with a full list of ingredients for each meal.