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Sample Menu A
1 to 5 years of age - Includes a large selection of fresh fruit with morning tea and two varieties of steamed vegetables with lunch and operates on a 8 week rotation.

Menu A. Week 1

Menu A. Week 2

Sample Menu B
6 to 12 months of age - Includes two varieties of vegetable puree with lunch and operates on a 4 week rotation.

Menu B. Week 1

Menu B. Week 2

Sample Menus V & C
Menu C operates on a 8 Week rotation catering to Allergies & Intolerances for most common allergies, including: No Wheat (no gluten), No Dairy, No Egg, No Soy Products. NB. Children who have allergies or any other special food requirements may be catered for upon advice from the centre.

Menu V operates on a 8 Week rotation catering to Vegetarians.

Menus C & V. Week 1

Menus C & V. Week 2

Sample OOSH Menu
Outside of School Hours Menu for children 5 to 12 years. School age children are prvided with morning & Afternoon tea daily. The menus are on a 4 week cycle.

OOSH Menu. Week 1

OOSH Menu. Week 2

Lunch Only
Lunch Items only including Allergy alternate meals (Vic Only)

Menu A. Week 1 (Lunch only)

Menu A. Week 2 (Lunch only)

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